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Scientific e-journal “Online magazine for Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Technology” with ISSN 2535-0447 is issued by Bulgarian and foreign scientists, professors and researchers in textile, apparel, and technologies.

The objectives of the
The magazine follows a policy of open access and aspires to become an international scientific forum for the presentation of various scientific, experimental, theoretical, practical and commercial industrial research and ideas in the fields of science, engineering, economy, management and design related to textiles, clothing, hides and technology. The magazine hailed as the work of young scholars, and known and established researchers.

The journal accepts for publication and reviewed the original manuscripts from all areas of the textile, clothing, leather and technology. We accept both theoretical and empirical research.
Suitable for publication manuscripts are in the fields (not limited to):
Textile, apparel, and technologies;

Types of manuscripts
Editorial Board invites for publication all authors, which would contribute to the attainment of the objectives and scope of the journal. Published entries in the following sections:

Research articles;
-Scientific and innovative developments in the field of nanotechnology, textile leather-fur industry;
-Series of articles;
-Related Events in the field of textiles, leathers and obleklou technologies;
-Literary reviews;
-Book reviews;
-Summaries of dissertations.

The positions and views of the authors express their personal opinion and does not engage the Online magazine for Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Technology. The Editorial Board is ready to publish these opinions and alternative and. In the dispute the truth is born!

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