ANDTEX 2019, May 15-17, Bangkok BITEC, is the event where nonwovens and engineered materials producers, researchers, users and industry leaders from around the world gather to explore the wealth of new business opportunities for nonwovens and disposable hygiene products in South Asia.
ANDTEX is specially organized and focused on the Southeast Asia market which is fast developing in the demand of nonwoven products.
The first focused nonwovens show will include most of the technology and products of the whole industry chain.  Due to the market and economy, there are lots of demand for disposable products, particularly on medical nonwovens and hygiene products compared to demand for consumer disposable products.  Medical sectors also cannot afford to sacrifice hygiene standard with low quality products.
Thailand has a good market for nonwoven products. It has modernized clinics to serve both locals and overseas visitors. The economy is also leading in SEA and the market for baby diapers, women sanitary napkins and aged continence products.
Exhibits including:
–      Disposable hygiene products;
–      Disposable medical hygiene products;
–      Raw materials including chemicals;
–      Nonwoven manufacturing equipment;
–      Packaging Equipment;
–      Production Automation;
–      Other Equipment including test equipment and instrumentation, quality control and environmental equipment.

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