ZhejiangTex 2021

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Due to the coronavirus outbreak in 2020, the epidemic has “hit the pause button” on the global exhibition industry. Although the national epidemic prevention continues to improve, the international control situation faces serious challenges and has become more complicated.

On 6th April 2020, the State Council of China issued the circular of “The Further Control and Preventive Measures of the Novel Coronavirus at Key Venues, Units and Groups”. According to “Preventive Suggestions” in the circular, it has clearly mentioned that all kinds of exhibitions have to be stopped for the time being.

Since it was announced on 3 March 2020 that “The 21st Zhejiang International Trade Fair For Textile And Garment Industry” will be postponed to 22-24 July 2020, the organizer has been devoting close attention to the international situation of epidemic, keeping close contact with multiple parties, paying close attention to the actual situation and market feedbacks from our friends in the textile industry.

In order to fully cooperating with the national epidemic prevention, protecting the health and safety of all show participants, at the same time, the organizer respects the market and industry status, we follow the opinions of the industry associations, exhibitors and professional visitors and have decided that “The 21st Zhejiang International Trade Fair For Textile And Garment Industry” will be further postponed from 22-24 July 2020 to 12-14 May 2021, and the show venue will remain unchanged at the Yiwu International Expo Centre in Zhejiang.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by the postponement! Taking this opportunity, we would also like to express our gratitude for your continual support and understanding to the show. After the epidemic, more innovative ideas, new products, and new technologies will be urgently needed to awaken the market. “The 21st Zhejiang International Trade Fair For Textile And Garment Industry” will continue to join hands with the China Health Care Association Textile Branch to organize “The International Health Textile Science and Technology Innovation Conference” in May 2021, helping the textile industry to speed up recovery after the epidemic.

We look forward to seeing you in ZhejiangTex in Yiwu on 12-14 May 2021!