Tendencies and innovations in the Textile and Fashion Industry – 2018

The textile industry has always been and

will be a serious power of the economy“.


Dear ladies and gentlemen,

We have the pleasure to invite you to the first branch conference “Tendencies and innovations in the Textile and Fashion Industry”, which will be on the 9th November 2018 in International Fair Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

The conference “Tendencies and innovations in the Textile and Fashion Industry” is part of the first edition of international exhibition of textile technic and products “TexTailorExpo 2018” under the patronage of The Ministry of Economy.

The organizers of the conference are: Online magazine for textiles, clothing, leather and technology, SPEX ltd, International Fair Plovdiv.

Conference’s topic:

  • Professional and higher education;
  • Science, technology and dual education;
  • Export marketing;
  • Technical-, nano-, smart and geotextile;
  • Non-woven textiles and functional clothing;
  • Intelligent fashion and textile product – Clothing and goods;
  •  Information technologies and digitalization in the processes of the textile industry;
  • Development of the sustainability and effectiveness of the eco-textiles;
  • Digital textile print;
  • Control and test on the quality of the textile industry;
  • Spinning, weaving and knitting;
  • Managing marketing along the supply chain;
  • Creating an employer brand and corporate social responsibility;
  • Opportunities for new markets, problems in the industry and ways to solve them;
  • Expanding sources for recruiting workers from foreign countries as well as improving the image of the industry;
  • Discussion panel in support of government and institutions – good recruitment practices;
  • Competitiveness and Innovation Productivity – Current Strategies and Policies;
  • Presentations of innovative products, know-how, achievements and results from manufacturers / companies for textiles and fashion industry.

The conference “Tendencies and innovations in the Textile and Fashion Industry” is appropriate for students, teachers, specialists, designers, manufacturers, distributors, managers and people, who are interested in textile and fashion. It will be an open dialogue to everything, which is happening in the globally changing textile and fashion world.

The conference will be on Bulgarian and English (simultaneous translation).

The participation in the conference is free!

We look forward to welcoming you on the conference “Tendencies and innovations in the Textile and Fashion Industry”

Important dates:

Deadline for submitting a title with a summary of the report – September 30, 2018

Deadline for submitting the full report – October 30, 2018

Summaries and Reports are sent as a .doc, .docx file attached to the following e-mail: conference@tok-bg.org

Requests for reports – file.

All exported and sent reports, presentations at the conference “Tendencies and innovations in the Textile and Fashion Industry” will be published in the online magazine for Textiles, Clothing, Fur and Technology with ISSN 2535-0447 – http://www.tok-bg.org.

If you have any difficulties or problems write to:

conference@tok-bg.org or GSM +359878148457

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