Articles published in issue 3

1. Image clothing as a perceptual component of clothing design
Authors: Svetlana Kuleshova, Oksana Zakharkevich, Galina Shvets – Khmelnitskyi National University, Ukraine
Abstract: In the paper image clothing is described as a result of interaction of person’s coloring and psychological features of person. The main idea of the article is that every person has a unique pattern of body coloring and also particular preferences for color that relate to their temperament and past experiences. Contemporary study of four classical temperaments in the approaches of image clothing and selecting colors is applied in the work. Authors improved the incidence matrixes that show the relationships between two classes of objects: first one shows the relationship between clothing colors and personality; and the second one is about to identify the best color palette for person’s body coloring.
Keywords: consumer, psychological comfort, coloring, temperament, image clothing, perception
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2. Second Triennial of Thread Art, Hangzhou, China, 2016
Authors: Assoc. Prof. PH. D Adelina St. Popnedeleva – National Academy of Arts, Sofia-Bulgaria
Abstract: The main concept of the exhibition is weaving. The weaving process becomes the basis for a historical narrative about the development of textiles. The exhibition features classical works, works in which expression is through the material, and those in which the idea is expressed through techniques and materials that at first glance do not relate to textile art. The artistic forms include a huge variety – from drawing to art book, from patchwork to painting, from wall carpet to spatial environments, sculptures in the external environment, from performance and video to interactive installations. The Bulgarian participation in the second triennial, Hangzhou, is by Adelina Popnedeleva with video installation “Masochistic Performance by Hans Christian Andersen”.
Keywords: weaving, triennial biennial, China, contemporary art, Bulgarian participation
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