Authors: Petya Boneva – 1, Zlatin Zlatev – 2, Tanya Sarakostova – 2
1 – Agrarian and Industrial Faculty, Department of Industrial Design, University of Ruse,
8 Studentska str., 7017, Ruse, Bulgaria, e-mail:
2 – Trakia University – Stara Zagora, faculty “Engineering and Technology”,
38 Graf Ignatiev str., 8602, Yambol, Bulgaria, e-mail:
Abstract: The report provides an analysis of current trends in the development of components for textile designs using computer-generated forms. It is proposed that in the use of Lissjous figures, the ratio of the main coefficients influencing the formation of the figures have to corresponds to the Golden Ratio. In creating the figures were used available software tools such as spreadsheets. Shown as example is the application of the resulting figures in the textile and interior design.
Keywords: Textile design, Lissajous figures, Golden ratio
Full report: The entire report

2. Single-purpose optimization of technological parameters of sewing products
Authors: Assoc.Prof. Miroslav Petrov, Ph.D – Technical University of Gabrovo, Assoc. Prof. Mariel Penev, Ph.D – Technical University of Gabrovo, Daniel Angelov, Ph.D – Lovech
Abstract: The aim of the report is to make single-purpose optimization aggregated utility function for sewing products. Devices are made with different thickness of the needle and the geometry of the blade and also with a different density stitch line.
Keywords: optimization; sewing products; needle.
Full report: The entire report

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