Статии публикувани в брой 2 /2017

1. Оценка на ниво и хармонизация на облеклото 
Автори: Светлана Кулешова, Алла Славинска, Оксана Закаркевич, Галина Швец – Хмелницки Национален университет, Украйна
Authors: Svetlana Kuleshova, Alla Slavinska, Oksana Zakharkevich, Galina Shvets – Khmelnitsky National University, Ukraine
Abstract: Aesthetic garment quality is one of the most important problems of the apparel design. Fashion designer has a need in some numerical methods to evaluate the level of harmonization in order to reveal the weaknesses in the garment design. Method of complex assessment of aesthetic quality in clothes design is based on the calculation of the weighting factors of unit indexes of aesthetic quality. Compiled list of indexes which characterise aesthetic garment quality is represented in the table form. The weighting factors of the indexes were calculated. Sequence of actions for the evaluation the level of harmonization is presented with examples of women’s outfits.
Keywords: Harmonization, Aesthetic quality, Index, Aesthetic requirements
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2. Анализ на съществуващите методи за моделиране на дъжд при изпитване на облекло
Автори: д-р инж. Даниел Ангелов – Ловеч, България
Topic: Analysis of existing rain modeling methods for clothing testing
Authors: eng. Daniel Angelov  Ph.D – Lovech, Bulgaria
Abstract: The report looked at apparatuses that formed raindrops when testing the teal products. The most frequently used appliances are considered with their advantages and disadvantages.
Keywords: raindrops; sewing products; water resistance.
Full report: The entire report
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