Статии 2018г.

Статии в брой 1 / 2018

1. Адаптиране на фолклорни мотиви за съвременен текстил
Автори: Петя Бонева – Аграрно-индустриалeн факултет, катедра „Промишлен дизайн“, Русенски университет-България; Златин Златев – Тракийски университет, факултет „Техника и технологии“ – Ямбол, България; Геета Махале – департамент „Текстил и дизайн на облеклото“ – Университет по селскостопански науки, Dharwad Карнатака, Индия.
Authors: Petya Boneva – Agrarian and Industrial Faculty, Department of Industrial Design, University of Ruse, Bulgaria; Zlatin Zlatev – Trakia University – Stara Zagora, faculty “Engineering and Technology”, Yambol, Bulgaria; Geeta Mahale – Department of Textile and apparel Designing, University of agriculture sciences, Dharwad, 580007, Karnataka, India.
Abstract: The paper provides an analysis of current trends in the development of components for textile designs using computer-generated forms. The contours of national folk motifs are obtained by software tools. Color palettes and the descriptions are obtained by online tool that use k-means clustering and Internet databases to obtain and describe colors. A survey was conducted on consumer opinion when choosing items of folk costumes. As a criterion for comparison of the results from survey is used the colorfulness of the elements with color combinations. The results from survey are processed by method “Correspondence analysis”. In creation of the figures were used available online software tools. As an example is shown the application of the resulting patterns and repeats in the interior design.
Keywords: Color, Correspondence analysis, Digital design, Folk elements 

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2.Формулиране на многовариантни, оптимални компромисно допустими решения на технологични параметри на шевни изделия
Автори: Доц. д-р Мирослав Петров – Технически университет – Габрово; Доц. д-р Мариел Пенев – Технически университет – Габрово; д-р инж. Даниел Ангелов – Ловеч
Topic: Formulation of multivariate, optimal compromise acceptable solutions of technological parameters of sewing devices
Authors: Assoc.Prof. Miroslav Petrov, Ph.D – Technical University of Gabrovo, Assoc. Prof. Mariel Penev, Ph.D – Technical University of Gabrovo, Daniel Angelov, Ph.D – Lovech, Bulgaria
Abstract: The aim of the report is to make formulation of multivariate, optimal compromise acceptable solutions of technological parameters of sewing devices.
Keywords: optimization; sewing products; needle. 

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