Lectra’s “Furniture Goes Digital” …

Lectra’s “Furniture Goes Digital” event delves into opportunities for digital transformation Upholstered furniture manufacturers explore the ideas and technologies that are crucial for success in today’s digital marketplace

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Lectra, the world leader in integrated technology solutions dedicated to industries using fabrics, leather, technical textiles and composite materials, brought together 140 participants, including furniture executives from 18 countries, to its International Advanced Technology Center in Bordeaux-Cestas to explore how digitalization is shaping consumer expectations and transforming upholstered furniture manufacturing.

The two-day event centered around the forward-thinking ideas and digital technologies available to furniture manufacturers grappling with skyrocketing demand for customized furnishings, high expectations for speedy delivery and the necessity of an omnichannel shopping experience. Trends driven, in large part, by the distinctly different behaviors and buying habits of the millennial generation.

Lectra’s aim in hosting the event was to offer participants fresh insights on the Industry 4.0 technologies— such as the cloud, the Industrial Internet of Things, data analytics, and cutting room innovations—that will be key success factors for companies to respond to the complexities of the current manufacturing environment and capitalize on new business opportunities growing out of the connected economy.

The seminar provided attendees the opportunity to examine the promise and potential of digitalization from every angle, from consumer engagement to production. Philipp Riederle, Consultant, demystified the millennial consumer mindset; Pierre Villeneuve, Founder, HxLab, outlined business models adapted to a consumer-driven digital economy; and Vanina Delobelle, CEO, Augmynt, demonstrated how to enhance online shopping experiences with a virtual reality e-commerce platform. Lectra experts also illustrated the value of virtual technology for increasing the speed and accuracy of product design reviews.

Firms that have already begun their digital transformation shared their experiences and observations with those in attendance.

“Companies should rethink the way they operate—business models, strategy, management models, etc.—if they want to succeed in an increasingly digital world in time. Digital transformation enables KUKA to embrace and succeed in the digital era, and Lectra is an important partner in our digital transformation strategy,” explained Li Donglai, President, KUKA.

“Supply chains will have to change significantly. The furniture industry has to put itself on the same level, technologically speaking, as other sectors. The automobile industry, for example, could serve as a good benchmark,” said Christian Tomadini, COO, Moroso.

“The journey towards a fully Industry 4.0 future will be a long one but it must start now. Lectra’s goal is to empower our customers with the technology, ideas and support they need to thrive in the new industrial era,” explained Céline Choussy Bedouet, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Lectra.

 About Lectra

Lectra is the world leader in integrated technology solutions (software, automated cutting equipment, and associated services) specifically designed for industries using fabrics, leather, technical textiles, and composite materials to manufacture their products. It serves major world markets: fashion and apparel, automotive, and furniture as well as a broad array of other industries. Lectra’s solutions, specific to each market, enable customers to automate and optimize product design, development, and manufacturing. With more than 1,550 employees, Lectra has developed privileged relationships with prestigious customers in more than 100 countries, contributing to their operational excellence. Lectra registered revenues of $288 million in 2016 and is listed on Euronext.

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