Xeros Near-Waterless Commercial Laundry System Now Available in South Africa

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Xeros, the innovator in sustainable cleaning technologies, today announced that its near-waterless laundry system is now available in South Africa. Xeros has signed a partnership with local Cape Town company, fanute who will distribute and service its award-winning laundry systems in South Africa.

fanute On 1 March  opened doors to the public for a demonstration day, showcasing this revolutionary technology as part of its commitment to reducing water consumption in local hospitality and commercial laundry industries.

Amidst the worst drought in over a century, Cape Town has imposed severe water restrictions of just 50 liters a day. The city is bracing for 9th July, which has been dubbed “Day Zero”—the day the city will cut off running water leaving 4 million people without water.

“The near-waterless washing system from Xeros is exciting and can potentially revolutionise the local tourism sector,” says Charl de Beer, manager of fanute. “Saving up to 80% water and nearly 50% electricity are metrics that resonate with South Africans, who are facing rising water costs due to the growing scarcity of these utilities.”

At the heart of Xeros laundry system is the XOrb™ polymer technology. XOrbs represent years of research focused on the needs of hotel laundries and the need to save a valuable resource—water. Allowing Xeros washing machines to work more efficiently while using just a fraction of the water traditionally needed, XOrbs deliver a range of features including cold water washing, powerful stain removal, and linen protection that keep towels looking newer for longer. XOrbs last for many hundreds of washes before needing to be

About fanute
An Integrated Hospitality Solutions company based in Cape Town, fanute’s mission is to bring technological advancement to a legacy segment of the laundry sector. fanute first launched a market-first Linen Rental service for the Cape Town short-term lettings market. The only service of its kind, it has achieved an over 50% growth rate each month since launching in early 2017.

About Xeros Cleaning
Xeros Cleaning is responsible for commercialising Xeros polymer science for the care of textiles in commercial applications. Xeros Cleaning Technologies offers sustainable, innovative solutions that apply polymer and data science to solve real customer challenges. Xeros Cleaning Technologies is part of the Xeros Technology Group plc. For additional information, please visit www.xeroscleaning.com.