Western Rise’s Evolution Pant

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The world’s most functional and versatile pair of pants! The ultimate pant for travel, outdoor, and everyday.

Introducing Western Rise’s Evolution Pant, a three year project culminating in the most versatile, comfortable pair of pants you’ll buy today. Championed by an ultra-durable, stretchy, completely waterproof and stain-proof nylon fabric called Supplex, this pair of trousers is designed to work seamlessly between travel, outdoor and everyday use.

Lightweight—only 13 ounces—and packable down to a size smaller than a t-shirt, with a soft cotton feel to the touch, the Evolution Pant truly looks like your finest pair of Dockers, but performs like high-grade nylon hiking pants.

Six designated pockets for media devices and valuables; a drying time that takes minutes, not hours; and amazing breathability are just some of the notable highlights this latest addition to Western Rise’s apparel selection. This highly functional pair of pants gets our big, two thumbs up stamp of approval.

Head on over to the Kickstarter to get yours today.

Source: www.kickstarter.com