MarediModa S/S 2019 trends brochure and color card

Magazine for Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Technology

MarediModa have unveiled the SS2019 trends during the last edition of their trade show. Defined by David Shah in collaboration with the Stijlinstituut Amsterdam, the six trends cover the swimwear, intimate apparel and athleisure markets, exploring the new without leaving the past.

MarediModa is the leading beachwear, intimates and athleisure fabrics&accessories show. Next edition 6-7-8 November 2018, Palais des Festivals, Cannes – France.

Click here for the SS2019 trend brochure and color card.



Magazine for Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Technology  Modern-day, high-speed life is making individuals more mobile, so there is demand for adaptability and flexibility in clothing solutions just as in other areas. Clothing needs to partner and work with the wearer in all situations. To design for each, versatile individual we need open-source inputs so that consumers and manufacturers can collaborate to create: design should not be an isolated part of a process. Collaboration is needed that takes into account sources, resources and selling stories in a fluid, integrated creation process.



Magazine for Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Technology

This is the ‘Antropocene’ era, the informal geological epoch that began when human activities first had a global impact on the Earth. The nature of the planet now encompasses the urban environment and manmade systems of farming and mining, it considers the exhaustion of resources that humans have supported. What is the future geology of this unstable marriage? Designers use technology to envisage and explore positive merges and aesthetics that embody new manmade and natural hybrids. They develop solutions to respect and spare our planet by reinventing the very definition of the word nature.


Magazine for Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Technology  A radically new way to think about art is to forget about the end point: view it as an on-going process, a celebration of human gesture and artisanship, an ever changing collage of cultural and art heritage. There is a joyful playfulness in taking a myriad of influences and mixing mashing and colliding them. As people move across the planet their heritages and cultural roots become more complicated and serve as a radical starting point for innovation – hybrid new aesthetics can form that resonate with today and tomorrow.



Magazine for Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Technology  When we challenge and push the borders between reality and virtual reality, we start to explore the uncharted territory of phygital fashion (the mix of digital and physical). This wonder-world is full of exciting freedoms, radically new aesthetics and disruptive technologies. Designers are operating at the borders between creative human gesture, machine robotics and computer algorithms to explore shape and function. New creative coding could create garments with bespoke smart solutions. What emotionally engaging and immersive realities could be devised with some clever inputs and experimental freedom?



Magazine for Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Technology  In the 21st century the whole person is placed firmly centre stage as consumers strive to take health and wellness into their own hands, proactively pursuing happiness, vitality and longevity. The body’s potential in the realms of both beauty and performance is maximized to improve quality of life. Digital-only tailoring processes allow designers to construct body-conscious solutions for personalized garments, moving towards a future in which 3D printers can produce completely bespoke pieces. Research into fibres and fabrics will provide ever-more body enhancing garments.



Magazine for Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Technology  In a world full of uncertainty and change there is an eagerness to escape, to be transported to other worlds, to places that never existed or that are foreseen in an idyllic, other future. The pressure to conform drives a wish to celebrate eccentricities, gender and individuality. Historical references provide anchor points from which leaps of creativity can be made using colour and carefree joy as the vehicles. We blend luxury, glamour and sustainability, recycling one-off pieces to make demi-couture garments that celebrate artisanship and design skill.


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