Kyaia invests in digital platform

Списание за текстил, облекло, кожи и технологии

Overcube is the name of the new project of the Kyaia group, the largest footwear group in Portugal.

“To create a platform with the best international footwear brands accessible with only a click” is the goal of the Kyaia group, led by Fortunato Frederico.

At a time when the retail sector is going through deep changes, the largest footwear group in Portugal is looking into the development of more digital solutions: “As we will all continue to wear shoes, it’s just a matter of discovering new ways to sell them“, said Amílcar Monteiro, Managing Partner of the Kyaia Group.

The platform sells the group brands – Foreva, Softinos and Fly London – and some other Portuguese brands such as Lemon Jelly and Nobrand, and some international ones, such as Geox or CaféNoir. But the goal is to extend the platform to more national and international brands.

Overcube resulted from an investment of 1 million euros and its operations kicked off with a team of 20 professionals exclusively dedicated to online sales. The platform promises deliveries in 24 hours for the whole Europe, but the goal is to reach other continents. All orders will be shipped by the associated brands and deliveries will be available from Monday to Friday.

The Kyaia group currently employs 600 people. In 2017, the group’s business reached 65 million euros. By 2020, Fortunato Frederico wants to achieve the 110 million euros threshold. As such, the Kyaia Group is investing to increase the manufacturing capacity of the Kyaia universe.