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Envy takes the place of Vanity: the deadly sins become a fashion inspiration.


Magazine for Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Technology  “My blood was so inflamed with envy that

If I saw a man make merry

You would see me suffused with lividness”


First you catch sight of them on a hoarding, on the feet of a beautiful model, or on an online catalogue, and then one day you see them materialise in the window of your favourite shoe shop. And you find yourself envying all those lucky enough to get their hands on a pair of shoes of such obvious quality and style, already tipped to become the hottest items for the coming season.

And in fact it is Envy, the desire to have the best all for ourselves (not only in the field of footwear), that inspires the latest phase of the thematic campaign that will accompany us towards the next edition of MICAM Milano, the international footwear exhibition due to take place at the Fiera Milano (Rho) from 16 to 19 September 2018.

After Lust, Seduction and Vanity, footwear’s allegorical journey through Dante’s Purgatory will now focus on one of the most widely indulged in capital sins, particularly where the fashion world is concerned, with all its alluring fascination. But a pair of good-quality shoes, perhaps Made in Italy, is not just an impossible dream, but also a desire that can be concretely realised, a luxury within everyone’s grasp and a vice that becomes venial because, at the end of the day, it is more like earthly bliss.

MICAM Milano has chosen an extremely dynamic image to portray Envy: a sort of dance between two women who seem locked in a battle for possession of the beauty and style embodied in the splendid shoes on their feet. With claw-like hands, the two women chase and circle each other in a frozen, infinite moment; their deliberately ungainly bodies form a dance sculpture that conveys in a photo shot the depth of a sentiment that can be destructive but which, in the case of shoes, can represent a breath of fresh air, stylistic profusion, a magnetic source of artistic inspiration.

So, the forthcoming edition of MICAM Milano, which will be dedicating a number of special events and displays to Envy, is awaited with keen anticipation, as indeed are the next phases of this highly successful publicity campaign. In fact, after the final narrative in Purgatory, inspired by Envy, the show will be taking off in 2019 to join the blessed souls in Paradise.

Without any need to come forth to see again the stars. Those have always been at our feet, ever since the start of this allegorical journey.


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