SINGTEX® S.LEISURE™ is the earth-friendly alternative for stretch garment

Списание за текстил, облекло, кожи и технологии

SINGTEX®, a sustainable manufacturer of outdoor functional fabrics, has developed an eco-friendly moderate stretch fabric with long-lasting performance, S.LEISURE™. It features comfort stretch with breathability, fast-dry, lightweight and good recovery while emitting less carbon footprint.

Pursuing comfort and outlook, spandex is usually mixed with cotton or polyester and accounts for a small percentage of the final fabric. However, recycling is not an option for fabrics with spandex and they consume more energy during production.

S.LEISURE™ is recyclable and designed to replace fabrics with 6% spandex and below to address the issue. The dyeing process of S.LEISURE™ is at least 20% more energy efficient than spandex. The energy savings of 3000 yards could supply 10 years of drinking water for an individual and 1-month household electricity. The carbon footprint of each S.LEISURE T-shirts saves is equal to the carbon absorption of a tree each day. 

Списание за текстил, облекло, кожи и технологии

Other than being eco-friendly, S.LEISURE™ also has excellent properties suitable for athleisure, training and sports apparel. It has better color fastness and flexibility so consumers can enjoy their garments longer. The comfort stretch fabric comes with great wicking ability making it fast dry and breathable. It has a soft touch to the skin, lightweight and easy to care for. These outstanding functions are recognized by ISPO Textrends 2019/20 selection.

Списание за текстил, облекло, кожи и технологии

Since the introduction of S.Café® technology in 2009, SINGTEX® has successively invented sustainable bio-based textiles for brand partners worldwide.

Aiming to provide brand partners an eco-friendly alternative, the addition of S.LEISURE™ enriches SINGTEX® current product lines and will be displayed in the booth during the OutDoor show in Friedrichshafen, Germany(A4-407,17- 20 June) and Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Denver, U.S.A.(23-26 July).



SINGTEX® is among the most prominent fabric manufacturers in Taiwan. Even since its founding in 1989, SINGTEX® is engaged in continuous research and development in the area of outdoor, functional and environment-friendly fabrics. Its’ S.Café® technology launched in 2009 now is adopting more than 110 brands.