What about the future?

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Robots that substitute humans! Does this sound more like a science fiction movie about a distant future? Well, it’s not. According to Financial Times, Gucci has been a pioneer in the use of new technological discoveries and, at the moment, has robots manufacturing footwear. The technology in question, ArtLab, is being used in the prototype factory, in Florence. The technology that brings the robots to life consists of a patented machinery with the ability to manipulate the footwear without human intervention.

But, in a case like this, are the “human” jobs threatened? According to the brands’ Executive Director, “is not that alarming. Currently, only 30% to 35% of the company’s production can be fully automated.”

According to the same publication, the Italian brand is not the only giant of the luxury segment to join the technological advances concerning production. Chanel and Balenciaga already use 3D printing and the giant Prada is not opposed to the use of robotics in the production line.

Source: www.portugueseshoes.pt