The testing laboratory in “Tex Control” Ltd.

Magazine for Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Technology

The testing laboratory (TL) in “Tex Control” Ltd., Gabrovo town is accredited for the following tests:

Magazine for Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Technology

  • Textiles and Clothing – Physical and physicochemical tests;
  • Textiles and Clothing – Colour fastness, discoloration of the test specimen and the supporting fabrics;
  • Textiles and Clothing – Textiles and clothing – characteristics of the dyes. (EN ISO / IEC 17025:2006)

In the test work the laboratory uses only standardized test methods included in more than 120 international standards. With these capabilities the laboratory provides laboratory tests of over 80% of the features / indexes/ of the textile materials, textile fabrics and ready garments. The trend is for its capacity to be expanded.

The test laboratory has at its disposal modern testing equipment and auxiliary equipment. The technical tools are of the latest generation of technology and manufacturing capabilities of the world’s leading specialized companies (SDL Atlas – England; JASCO CORPORATION-Switzerland; DATACOLOR INC – USA; CECIL INSTRUMENTS LTD – UK; WTW GmbH Germany; ZWEIGLE, CmbH, Germany; TEXTEST, INSTRUMENTS, AG-Switzerland; “BINDER” Germany; IKA-Germany, etc.)

The laboratory has at its disposal the only apparatuses in bulgaria for setting of:

Magazine for Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Technology

  • Resistance to light and environment conditions by xenon arc lamp / XENOTEST ® 150 S +, SDL Atlas /
  • gnition and Flammability / HIRLEY FLAMMABILITY TESTER, M233A / B, SDL Atlas /
  • Water-repellency of fabrics by spraying a Bundesmann test /M230/BBUNDESMANN WATER REPELLENCY TESTER/
  • Physiological characteristics of textiles. Measurement of heat resistance and paropreminavane at constant speed (hot plate test) SWEATING GUARDED HOTPLATE, M259B
  • Fluctuations of the mass of yarns, rovings and bands / USTER ® Tester 3 /
  • Tensile testing of fibers, yarns and technical yarns / USTER TENSORAPID /

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