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MICAM Award: the winners are four historic Italian buyers.

The best foreign buyer is a German firm

This sought-after award recognises the success and longevity of its historic shop, but is first and foremost an “Oscar” to the noble job of those who select and purchase only high quality footwear, to offer their customers the best, thereby building an unbreakable relationship of confidence with them. We’re talking about the MICAM Award, a prize assigned to the best Italian and foreign buyers based on the recommendation of exhibitors at MICAM, the international footwear exhibition at the Fiera Milano (Rho) up to 19 September, now in its 86th edition. The award ceremony took place yesterday in the famous Fashion Square in Pav. 1 in the course of the “Envy is in the heel” inaugural soirée.

These are the names of the winners of the “Best Italian buyer” award:

Lenci Nilo Calzature – The origins of Lenci Calzature date back to the early 19th century in Lucca. The only boy of a large family, Giuseppe Lenci expertly managed the business and the company is now a thriving enterprise in its fifth generation. A love for the job, family harmony, pride in the past and a strong determination to look to the future: these are the mainstays that have enabled this family business to carry on and thrive, generation after generation.

Tezza Calzature – Now in its fourth generation, this company ‘took its first steps’ in the late 19th century in the province of Vicenza, at Dueville. Between the ‘60s and ’90s, the firm began to expand thanks to two enterprising brothers, Giacomo and Massimiliano. Today, Tezza Calzature is a well-established firm and represents a point of reference for all those looking for shoes that are both comfortable and fashionable.

Pedullà Calzature – handmade shoes strictly made-to-measure. This is the distinguishing feature of Pedullà Calzature, a century-old company established in 1913 in Reggio Calabria, now in its third generation. Tradition and passion are inextricably woven together, creating a combination that is synonymous with quality.

Mengotti Group – It all started way back in 1889, with a small hat shop in Piazza della Libertà in the heart of Bassano del Grappa, in the province of Vicenza. Thanks to Giovanni Mengotti, progenitor of the family and founder of the firm. But from accessories to shoes is just a short step: Giuseppe had the bright idea of expanding the business to include selling shoes. The rest is history and today the Mengotti Group is a flourishing family-run company, now in its fourth generation. The group has grown over the years and the business is now firmly established in the field of footwear, clothing and accessory retailing, with twelve retail outlets throughout the Veneto region. The Mengotti Group’s success story continues to be based on guaranteed quality, prompt service and customer satisfaction.

This is the winner of the “Best foreign buyer” award:

Cityschuh (Germany) – The company was set up in 1978 by Christine and Fritz Klappenberg in Poking, a small German town in Bavaria. Today, their son Andreas runs the company, after obtaining a Master in International Business at Maastricht University. Cityschuh is well-known in Germany because it sells quality Italian shoes. The group deals, in fact, with high-end brands such as: Aldo Brue, Atlantic Stars, Attilio Giusti Leombruni, Baldan, Baldinini, Brunate, Bruno Magli, Donna Carolina, Dyva, Fernando Pensato, Gabriele, Galizio Torresi, Gravati, Hogan, Marcos, Maretto, Maripe, Moreschi, Pascucci, Pas de rouge, Philippe Model, Pollini, Pokemaoke, Sandro Vicari, Santoni, Thierry Rabotin, Truman’s, Unützer Shoes.

Magazine for Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Technology