Pakistan leather footwear revenue up by 12%

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The first two months of the new fiscal year were marked by double digit rate growth in the country’s footwear exports, both in volume and value. A performance mainly driven by the leather footwear category.

In August 2018, the volume of Pakistan’s exported footwear increased by 22.6% compared to similar period in 2017: 1.085 million pairs going up from 885 thousand pairs. In terms of value, exported footwear increased by 14.2% from 10.538 million US dollars to 12.037 million US dollars in August 2017, according to data recently released by PBS (Pakistan Bureau of Statistics).

Leather footwear, representing 91.6% of the total value of exported footwear, registered an increase in the volume and value of exports, respectively, 45.9% and 18.2%.

Exports from the category other footwear registered a decline in the month under analysis: -13.7% in volume and -14.7% in value.

During the period July – August 2018 Pakistan exported 2.059 million pairs of shoes valued at 22.306 million US dollars. This compares with exports of 1.615 million pairs valued at 20.098 million US dollars in a similar period of 2017, reflecting increases in terms of volume (+27.5%) and value (+11.0%).

Leather footwear sales, representing the largest share in footwear exports in the period (90.7%), drove most of this performance, reaching 20.227 million US dollars and going up by 12.24% during the first two months of the year (with volumes up by 41.7%). Double digit declines in volume and value for the canvas footwear category marked the period. Other footwear consolidated the performance, in volume and value terms, from similar period in 2017.

*Pakistan’s financial year runs from July to June