Spain consolidates value of footwear exports

Списание за текстил, облекло, кожи и технологии  According to FICE, the Federation of Spanish Footwear Industries, during the first semester the country’s footwear exports increased by 1.2% in value terms.

In the first half of 2018, footwear exports reached 1.39 billion euros and 84.7 million pairs. These figures represent an increase of 1.2% in value and a decrease of 2.6% in volume compared to the first half of 2017. Exports to ocunteies outside the European Union (EU) area increases by 7% (value).


The EU continues to be the main market for Spanish footwear, accounting for 79% of total exports in volume and 72% in value. In the period under analysis, exports to the EU reached 1.00 billion euros and 67 million pairs, with decreases of 0.8% in value and 4.1% in volume.

France (18.3%), Italy (12.2%), Germany (9.7%), Portugal (7.1%) and the United Kingdom (7.0%) top the list of the main destinations. Non-EU exports, reaching 387 million euros and 17.6 million pairs, represent 28% of the total in value and 21% in volume.Duringt eh first semester of the year, Spanish footwear exports to countries outside the EU grew by 7% in value.

Type of product

During the period under analysis, leather footwear represented 54.4% of total exports in value (758.4 million euros). Non-leather footwear already represents 70.3% of Spanish exports in volume, although in value it is only 45.6%. Exports of these type of products decreased by 5.1% in pairs and by 0.4% in value.