Ireland on the map

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The conquest of new markets is a main priority strategic of the Portuguese footwear industry. The same applies to the consolidation on considered more “mature” markets, where there’s an interesting potential growth in exports. Which is the case of Ireland.

That is the context in which APICCAPS, in collaboration with the Portuguese Embassy in Dublin, will organize a “Mission to Ireland” that will take place in the end of November. In practical terms, this initiative will be a reception at the Official Residence of the Portuguese Ambassador in Ireland, with a presentation of the Irish market and the participating companies, a display of collections and a “Retail Tour”. To finish the event, there will be B2B meetings coordinated by the Embassy services.

According to World Footwear Yearbook, Ireland has imported 38 million pairs of shoes, worth 469 million euros, in 2017. The United Kingdom (58% market share of imports), China (14% of the total imported) and the Netherlands (5% of imports) are the main three market suppliers.

To APICCAPS, “this is a market with a great growth potential, although it’s not relatively consolidated yet”. In 2017, Portugal exported 576 thousand pairs of shoes to Ireland, in the amount of 16 million euros. This represents a 60% increase since 2010.