Sales of Jointly Developed Fan-cooled Jackets Steadily Rising

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Teijin Limited announced today that it has begun producing an expanded lineup of fan-cooled jackets that the company developed with Makita Corporation, a leading Japanese manufacturer of electric power tools. The jackets, which were introduced in 2018, use pressure-controlled fan cooling to circulate air inside their outer shells and inner linings.

The jointly developed lineup has been expanded to offer jackets with detachable sleeves and a full-body jump suit capable of circulating cooling air around both the upper and lower torsos. Also, some jackets newly allow the wearer to run the power switch cord into either the left or right pocket from inside the jacket. Furthermore, the lineup has been expanded with new colors (camouflage, etc.) new sizes (5L to 7L) and new applications (full-harness safety belt, weed-trimming design, etc.).

Meanwhile, unique fan-cooled jackets developed by Teijin and Makita continue to be adopted by an increasingly wide range of companies for extended uses, including, for example, by DESCENTE Japan for sports apparel and by Ikeda Kogyo for work uniforms. As a result, Makita is forecasting that the lineup’s annual sales will quadruple in 2019. Going forward, Teijin will continue developing solutions to support new trends in society, including for workstyle reforms being adopted in evolving corporate work environments.