More Sustainable than Ever – Viscose Speciality Fibres from Kelheim

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After a large fire in October 2018, the long-established Bavarian fibre manufacturer Kelheim Fibres is currently rebuilding the heart of their viscose fibre production. In the process, the focus lies on modern state-of-the-art equipment and particularly on resource-saving and environmentally friendly production technology.

Kelheim’s viscose speciality fibres consist of 100% cellulose, a renewable raw material, and are therefore completely biodegradable. These fibres offer an eco-friendly alternative to mineral-oil-based fibres, in particular for end products – like many nonwovens or hygiene applications – intended for convenient one-time use.

Kelheim’s speciality fibres for this area include not only the well-known fibre Galaxy®, the world’s leading viscose fibre for the tampon production, but also short cut fibres that have been specifically designed for processing in modern wet laid plants. These fibres enable the manufacturing of completely plastic-free and even flushable wipes from 100% cellulose.

In textiles, too, consumers value natural materials. Kelheim’s range of speciality fibres for textile applications comprises spun-dyed fibres, as well as the renowned brand names VILOFT® and VISETA®:

In yarns, the flat fibre VILOFT® creates small air pockets, that make the textile highly breathable and comfortable – an ideal fibre for warm, close-to-the-skin feel-good clothes.

VISETA® is 50% finer than silk and gives clothes a flowing drape and a soft and naturally luxurious touch.

Kelheim Fibres will present these and more viscose specialty fibres at ITMA in hall H3 at stand no. D213.