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In response to the emergence of textile technologies, The 20th ZheJiang International Trade Fair For Textile and Garment Industry (ZhejiangTex 2019) will be grandly held on 16-18 May 2019 at Yiwu International Expo Centre in Zhejiang. Under the theme of “Smart Textile and Garment Technology – Smart Life Style”, ZhejiangTex 2019 will organize a range of events and conferences related to intelligent manufacturing, digital production and sustainable development, in addition to a big display of the automatic machines and equipment. The fair provides a platform for exchanging views on the latest market trends and finding ideal manufacturing solutions.

Schedule of Concurrent Events in ZhejiangTex 2019:

Date and Location


Topic and Content

16 May

Forum Zone


2019 Seminar for Antibacterial, Deodorant/Deodorizing Technologies and the Application in the Hosiery/Lingerie Industry

  • Intelligent antibacterial / deodorant technology creates a pure and fresh life
  • Professional interpretation of group standard T/NAHIEM 004 “Antibacterial and Deodorant Socks”
  • Professional interpretation of group standard T/NAHIEM 005 “Deodorant Socks”

16 May

Forum Zone


Garment Intelligent Manufacturing Conference – Artificial Intelligence Technology Application

  • Advanced Methodology for Intelligent Garment Manufacturing

17 May

Forum Zone


2019 Textile Printing Tips – Innovation and Sustainability in Textile Printing Industry

  • The application and development direction of textile digital printing
  • Faced with the fierce competition in the digital printing market, how do small and medium digital printing companies find the solution? Where is the breakthrough?

16 – 18 May
(Thursday to Saturday)

Booth No. A1C01

Whole Day

Chemtax Industrial Co Ltd releases its New Green & Zero Emission System

  • Zero Emission
  • Low Liquor Ratio Dyeing
  • ERP + Automated Production
  • Agostoni Automatic Flow Regulation System
  • Eco-Friendly & Reusable FUGAR, Organic Chemical Fibers EVO
  • Anhydrous Textile Dyeing

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