TENGIVA unveils its new Responsible Stock Management label

Magazine for Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Technology

A simple, recognizable symbol to highlight and celebrate companies that are defying the status quo and creating a positive industry shift through better stock disposal.

Tengiva is proud to unveil the new Responsible Stock Management label it has created, in order to identify all manufacturers making important logistic and operational efforts to avoid using landfills and incineration, by selling their excess stock online, via its platform.

Overstock is a major global concern, and by helping manufacturers showcase and sell their leftovers, to buyers around the world, Tengiva hopes to improve redistribution, create new industry relations and keep manufactured materials in circulation to support and encourage circular economics.

Magazine for Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Technology

What do we mean by Responsible Stock Management?

“All manufacturers have leftovers. Some more, some less, but everyone has to deal with the reality of excess stock and we’re starting to see companies courageously stand out from the crowd with tangible strategies to repurpose overstock. We wanted to recognize this.” says Annie Cyr, textile sourcing specialist and co-founder of the Tengiva platform.

Cyr goes on to explain that “Responsible stock management means recognizing and tracking what you have, to consciously dispose of it in the most functional, environmentally respectful way, while also supporting the industry by helping buyers enjoy increased product accessibility”.

Why use a label if Tengiva already supports this mission with its platform?

We won’t deny that it’s a good way for a company to enhance their image, showcase their efforts and promote their brand. But beyond that, it’s also a way to identify, recognize and encourage businesses that are changing the way they do things, for the greater good. For large manufacturers, it’s much easier to throw out, burn or sell off to jobbers so it takes intent and deep resolution to self-reflect, change habits and create positive change. A recognizable label helps create a sense of community and encourage others to be a part of this change. It also helps buyers choose businesses that are in line with their values.

How does a supplier get this label?

Manufacturers that choose to use the Tengiva platform are making a conscious commitment to improve. Every supplier who actively sells on our site can use the Responsible Stock Management label to communicate their pledge to potential clients, to their own teams and to a global audience that wants to know.

Where will we be seeing it exactly?

The label is meant to be used exclusively by suppliers that are selling excess stock through our platform. Buyers will be able to spot it on everything from company websites, brochures, trade show collateral, business cards and much more.



TENGIVA [Ten-GEE-va] is a powerful online marketplace that enables manufacturers to feature and sell in-stock textile products, while helping buyers find relevant quantities of what they need for sampling, research & development, designing, product development, sizing and more. Created in 2018 by industrial fashion management major Annie Cyr, a reputed textile sourcing expert, author of the Textile Fibers Guide and founder of CACITH Inc., TENGIVA challenges the textile sourcing status quo, by recognizing consumer needs and technical trends, while developing educational tools and revolutionizing access to resources and information. TENGIVA favors easy, online exchange that empowers and supports sustainable industry growth.  Based in Quebec, Canada, TENGIVA serves the industry worldwide.


Source: https://tengiva.com/