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The investment in own brands is one of the main concerns of the Portuguese footwear industry. According to data from the Footwear Technology Centre of Portugal’s GAPI – Unit for Industrial Property Promotion (UIPP), 238 new footwear brands were in Portugal since 2010.
In 2018, for instances, 24 new brands were created. From the 238 brands created in the past years, 178 were registered as collective. Also, only 60 were registered in Portugal.

Diverge to converge
DiVERGE – make your own path. This could be an inspirational quote from a book or a movie but isn’t. It’s the slogan of the new customizable footwear brad. The client’s path perfectly merges with the brands philosophy, which offers hundreds of customization options. “Our mission is to help the customers to better express their individuality and exclusiveness by allowing them to be part of the creative process”, as one can read on DiVERGE’s website.
The brand was created by a group of friends who felt frustrated “with the difficult of finding sneakers that made them feel special and perfectly fitted their styles”.
On the website, the customers can create their sneaker from scratch or follow a few options the brand suggests. High quality materials are one of DiVERGE’s main characteristics, a brand who wants to revolutionize the sneakers’ market.
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CRICA: from New York to Portugal
Cristina Hora is the face and brain behind CRICA, a young brand that aims to revolutionize the market. In the beginning of 2019, Cristina came back to Portugal, after seven years living and working as a designer in New York. That’s where she decided to create her own footwear brand. The first Autumn/Fall capsule line was recently launched.
“This collection has had a very positive feedback from several clients and European showrooms. CRICA is focused on the creation of high fashion feminine shoes. At the moment, given our type of product, we will mainly invest in the international market”, says the brand’s founder.

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