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BND-textile is your professional textile printing house. The one you can rely on. We work with you through every step of the development process, from the pre-press to the sewing and packing of your final product.

Based in the EU, with our office in Sofia, Bulgaria, we have the expertise needed to produce printed fabrics with lighning fast time terms, lowest minimums, and supreme quality.

Started in 1997, the BND-textile project has always been focused on the latest technologies in the textile printing industry. We’re constantly seeking for the new and innovative hi-tech equipment. From sportswear to fashion designs and advertising materials, we ca offer you the latest and greatest of what has been achieved in the sector.

Our production team stands behind the scenes for many active ongoing projects and events, ranging in markets from sportswear, apparel, costume, fashion, fitness, accessories, interiors, etc.
We are trusted by some of the famous European manufacturers of sportswear.

As a step towards expanding its activity, in 2017 “BND-textile” Ltd. has bought and installed in the town of Vratsa, a new and fully equipped digital printing line for all types of natural fabrics. Using reactive inks we cover the entire range of fabrics made of natural plant materials such as cotton, linen, viscose and their blends.
The printer is equipped with а latest-generation specially designed transport belt, providing printing capability for stretchy fabrics and knitwear.

Our company offers digital printing on its own in-stock quality-guaranteed fabrics from Bulgarian manufacturers, treated and coated with German chemicals, as well as printing on customer fabrics.

To ensure high quality print results, it is necessary to know that fabrics must be prepared in advance for digital printing (P.F.P.) – desized, bleached, washed (at least) at 90-95°C, steady fixed to the required width, cut and permanently glued at the edges (especially for the knitwear). The printing width is 180cm. Working width of the media (fabric) – up to 185cm.

We would love to be a part of your design development process, helping you bring your ideas to life onto the printed fabric.  Your success is our leading challenge!

Here is a brief list of our services:
• Printing over a wide range of available textile fabrics or custom materials
• Printing using predesigned paper ready for sublimation, custom design development
• Sportswear production – complete design, printing and sewing of playing kits for all kinds of sports
• Sublimation, offset and screen printing operations
• Single or full-coloured flex and flock, woven, metalic and 3d badges, plotting and cutting, embroidery
• Advertising materials – banners, flags, badge holders, custom advertising products
• Fabrics cutting, sewing, clothes production, pattern development and graduation
• Heat transfer operations, coating and fixing operations, thermal treatment of fabrics

  • Pre-press development of vector and raster graphics
  • Vectorising and styling of logotypes, signs and other graphics
  •  Graphic design, professional retouching and image processing

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