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The 34th national convention of Confindustria Young Entrepreneurs in Capri, the Assocalzaturifici youth group elected Elisa Lanciotti as Chair for the years 2019-2023. Born in 1987, with a degree in economics and commerce, she is in charge of international sales in her family’s business, Calzaturificio Lancio of Montegranaro (FM).

The new Chair was elected on a strong agenda with a focus on seminars addressing issues such as technological innovation, digital technology in production processes and customer relations, marketing and female entrepreneurs.

All with an emphasis on greater integration and cohesion among young people in different trade associations and effective involvement of youth in the group’s decision-making processes.

Elisa Lanciotti will be flanked by four Deputy Chairs: Federico Bellò of Calzaturificio Bellò in Vigonovo (VE); Sara Cuccu of Loriblu in Porto Sant’Elpidio (FM); Anna Fidanza of Condor Trade in Verolanuova (BS) and Umberto Portogallo of Calzaturificio Florence in Aversa (Caserta).

“Innovation, cohesion and education: these are the three pillars which will guide our programme,” declares Elisa Lanciotti. “We will maintain continuity with the work of outgoing Chair Charlotta Bachini, with an additional emphasis on Industry 4.0”.

Source: www.assocalzaturifici.it