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March 15-16 and October 4-6 2020 are the dates of Moda Made in Italy – the international event for high-end footwear and accessories promoted by Assocalzaturifici – bringing together members of the industry and the trade press from southern and central Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The event will once more be held in Munich’s trade fair centre, MOC (Munich Order Centre).

The decision to hold the event on two days in March is dictated by the need to fit the event into Germany’s packed trade fair calendar while responding to the requirements of companies in the industry, who wish to optimise the amount of time they spend at the trade fair with a targeted, less dispersive approach. The initiative aims to maintain continuity with the past despite the event’s new format, guaranteeing that trade fair visitors receive all the usual services and efficiency.

The timing of the event in the second half of the year – during Oktoberfest – is still a critical point, as congestion in the city has an impact on visitors’ decision whether to stay in town longer. The Munich event has always prospered as the last event of the season for the trade, established to give members of the trade more time to think and consider their purchases carefully once they have the initial results of the last season’s sales in hand, at the end of a packed calendar of international and regional events. Changes in the trade fair calendar in recent years and difficult sales dynamics have eroded away our customers’ certainties and resources, so that many of them now prefer to play defensively, giving up courageous, diversified choices in favour of “safer” products, when what they really need is to be bolder in order to stand out and make their range truly unique on a highly competitive, saturated market. Our buyers need more time to think and make the right buying decisions.

In this context of great uncertainty in the European retail business, as evinced by the statistics and attendance at the most recent MICAM and confirmed by dealers’ difficulty and indecision making buying decisions, Moda Made in Italy has decided to postpone its dates to October 4-6, 2020.

The choice of dates for the next edition of Moda Made in Italy will in fact fit into a wider-ranging strategy responding to the demands of the market and specifically of buyers interested in the range on display at the event, at a time when the industry has a strong focus on the German market, traditionally an important one for Italian shoes, despite its current lack-lustre performance.

145 brands were showcased at the end of September before dealers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland who have been showing interest in the excellence of Italian footwear for more than twenty years and, at the end of the season, had another opportunity to complete their orders with the best-selling articles and new trends that emerged in the season.

In 2018 alone, Italy exported almost 34 million pairs of shoes to Germany with a total value in excess of a billion Euros. Last year, Germany confirmed its ranking as the second largest market for Italian footwear in terms of quantity, third largest in terms of value.

The figures for the first five months of 2019 are not as bad as those of the first quarter, and while still negative in terms of volume (-6%), they have matched the first 5 months of 2018 in terms of value, thanks to an increase in average price per pair,” explains Siro Badon, Assocalzaturifici Chair. “In this scenario, Italian footwear makers are still expressing concern about the German market, as revealed by the orders received from Germany in the second quarter of 2019 (-2.2%, according to a survey conducted among a sample of member companies). This is why we are in the front lines promoting meetings with buyers in the area”.