nya nordiska x Bodo Sperlein

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For the spring collection 2020, five exclusive fabric innovations were created in cooperation with the multiple award-winning London product designer Bodo SperleinBlastBlitzBoomBalbo CS and Boja CS have their creative roots in Vorticism, a specifically English contribution to Modernism and combine natural inspiration with elements of Cubism.

For Blast, a Cubist motif was interpreted in a contemporary way as a generous jacquard pattern on a fine cotton thread quality. Blitz is a drapery fabric which displays cubic forms strung together like collages to form an all-over pattern. Boom uses this pattern as a print design on recycled wool, which is suitable for both decoration and upholstery. The semi-transparent drapery fabrics Balbo and Boja signal their suitability for the contract sector by the addition of CS: Balbo CS shows a design reminiscent of raindrops with a hatched effect, Boja CS displays a net structure that stretches coral-like over the feather-light base fabric.


Source: www.nya.com