SA FASHION WEEK – Change to curtail the spread of COVID-19

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Change, change, change. The thing we embrace and fear with equal measure.

In light of our President announcing a national state of disaster in South Africa on Sunday night to curtail the spread of COVID-19, SA Fashion Week is committed to supporting and adhering to his directives which includes the prohibiting of mass events/gatherings of 100+ people.

Hence, we are swiftly moving to our Plan B for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2020 showcase: a climate-friendly, green-friendly, COVID-19 respectful, digital-only SA Fashion Week. It is bold, it is smart and it is a first. We had been wanting to push change and the agenda. This was the push we needed.

COVID-19 has paved the way for something rather beautiful and unique to happen. Our designer’s stories will be told in a refreshing and relevant way. And our sponsors and other stakeholders will be part of a bigger, global audience.

This is our 23rd SA Fashion Week. We believe it will be our most important.


Source:  SA Fashion Week