PERFORMANCE AWARDS – Sustainable highlights for the summer 2022 season

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PERFORMANCE DAYS presents two major awards at this extraordinary edition of the fair! Sustainable highlights for the summer 2022 season rewarded with PERFORMANCE AWARDS

Although the PERFORMANCE DAYS trade fair is unable to present the best functional, sustainable fabrics for summer 2022 live in Munich this April – the DIGITAL FAIR on the website

allows the branch to stay in touch and be informed of all trends – including the two awards that will be presented online.

The PERFORMANCE FORUM, with its 240 innovative functional fabrics plus accessories for sport and sportswear, is always an absolute highlight for visitors and exhibitors. Faced with the fact that these innovative products cannot be presented live in Munich this April, the fair’s organisers went about swiftly and effectively setting up the DIGITAL FAIR to provide online information on all trends for summer 2022. You can discover the most significant fabrics by category and read up on upcoming trends, not to mention the FOCUS TOPIC “Inspired by Nature”, which provides information on natural fabrics and finishings, as well as man-made fibers from natural sources.

Of special interest for all are always the awards; assuming the award presentation takes place as a maximum of two awards can be given for the best materials. In this quite unusual season, the jury met up virtually and the fabrics were curated, two awards were then presented – Resulting in not only a PERFORMANCE AWARD WINNER for summer 2022, but also an ECO PERFORMANCE AWARD WINNER. Marco Weichert, General Manager of the fair and member of the jury had this to say: “We are proud that we’ve managed to maintain the high level of our fair even in these extraordinary times. Our jury evaluated more than 1,000 fabrics, the result being an outstanding PERFORMANCE FORUM. The fabrics of our exhibitors were so innovative that we were able to choose two awards which we now proudly present.”


Sustainability down to the last detail This award winning 3-Layer laminate combines performance and sustainability at its best. The outer and inner fabric are made from 100% recycled polyester and laminated with the sustainable Xpore membrane. This membrane is manufactured completely without any solvents and without the use of water. Since it is made of polyolefin, its sole ingredients are the chemical elements carbon and hydrogen. The PFC-free Xpore membrane, together with the unmixed outer and inner fabric, can be recycled without any problems and without the generation of harmful substances during thermal treatment. This laminate also exceeds expectations in terms of function: With a water column of 18,000 mm and a breathability of over 10,000 g/m²/24h, the laminate is suitable for sweat-inducing sports thanks to the hydrophobic, nanoporous membrane. BenQ offers a variety of laminates with this membrane, e.g. with 100% recycled polyamide, as well as with organic cotton and sustainable fiber blends – making possible many different looks and feel.


Stotz – Ventile Eco 205: The natural solution for sporty and fashionable everyday jackets This remarkable coat fabric from Stotz, now winner of the ECO PERFORMANCE AWARD, demonstrates how fabrics made from natural fibers fit ideally into the sports context. The fabric is a blend made of 32% hemp and 68% organic cotton. Due to its densely woven construction it is windproof, while at the same time providing good breathability thanks to its natural fibres. It has everything you could ask for in a sportswear outfit if you are looking for a jacket for windy days. The material can also withstand a rain shower, being equipped with a PFC-free DWR. The look and feel of the fabric is particularly beautiful and exciting – a perfect example of how well natural fibres can be integrated into everyday sporting life and yet provide that special, fashionable touch. Both fabrics are shown and described in the FORUM HIGHLIGHTS of the Digital Fair.


Source: PERFORMANCE DAYS ® functional fabrics fair