TWD Fibres: Spinning the future-Antibacterial Yarns

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Antibacterial Yarns

Yarn finish PERFORMANZ and polyester and polyamide yarns HYGENIC­

An antibacterial yarn is the best basis for protective clothing in many different sectors. Our yarn finish PERFORMANZ and our yarn HYGENIC, that has an antibacterial additive spun into the yarn, are ideal for this.

Both products are very kind to the skin. This is why they are ideal for:

-protective clothing;

-sportswear and  functional clothing;

-underwear and functional garments;

-shoes and work clothing;

-medical textiles;

-home textiles and household textiles;

-technical applications.

PERFORMANZ – antibacterial without silver

The ideal instrument to give polyester and polyamide yarns an extra antimicrobial functionality ist our yarn finish PERFORMANZ.

Magazine for Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Technology

PERFORMANZ is a Detox and OekoTex compatible zinc substrate application with verifiably permanent antibacterial effects and therefore also long-lasting protection against unpleasant odours.

­A broad antibacterial spectrum of efficiency of PERFORMANZ protects without application of silver, isothiazolin  and triclosan.

The zinc substance used prevents the textile becoming colonised by bacteria by preventing them to proliferate, even after 40 washing cycles. Exemplary tests at textiles proved a high washing and cleaning resistance of antimicrobial effects.

HYGENIC yarns for protective clothing­

­­Our polyester and polyamide yarns DIOLEN®HYGENIC and TIMBRELLE®HYGENIC provide lasting protection against bacteria, allergens and germs.

Silver ions permanently embedded in the polymer provide lasting protection against bacteria, allergens and germs and avoid unpleasant odours.  These silver ions affect the molecular structure of microorganisms. They impede the necessary metabolism or interrupt the cell division process of bacteria. This explains the wide spectrum of antibacterial activity.

Anchoring the silver ions in the yarn polymer makes the stong hygienic effect of textiles made of HYGENIC yarns possible. Textiles made from TIMBRELLE®HYGENIC Polyamide 6.6 and DIOLEN®HYGENIC Polyester yarns are machine washable and lastingly effective.  For the full effect of the product from the first use we recommend to integrate an industrial wash cycle into the further processing steps.