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All the brands have a common denominator. As a general rule, they are created, designed and managed by passionate people who see the brand as an opportunity to grow, to transform and to overcome challenges.

And, who knows, even take the name of Portugal beyond the frontier. This is what the brands we introduce here are doing. Their creators are passionate and dream about taking the name of Portugal beyond the frontier.


WAYZ – www.wayzforlife.com
Pedro e Daniel conheceram-se num curso de Design e Calçado. Pedro é licenciado em Gestão de empresas, Daniel é licenciado em Design de Produto. Quando se conheceram perceberam  rapidamente que a paixão por sneakers era comum. Criaram, em 2018, a Wayz, uma marca com fortes preocupações ambientais: sneakers produzidos de forma ética, já que utilizam materiais amigos do ambiente, uma cadeia de abastecimento e produção locais – entre Felgueiras, Ovar e São João da Madeira –, e o design original.
Depois de 18 anos a trabalhar no setor do retalho, onde as empresas lutam todos os anos para vender mais quantidades com um custo menor, percebi que isso não era o que queria para mim. Conheci o Daniel num curso de design e produção de calçado e, passado algum tempo, criamos a WAYZ.” afirma Pedro Maçana, cofundador da startup portuense.
A primeira coleção da WAYZ foi lançada com 4 modelos (cada um destes com várias cores) feitos com materiais reciclados e biodegradáveis, desde pele de vaca de alta qualidade, o biocouro, o RPET (plástico reciclado), à borracha reciclada. “Os parceiros da WAYZ são empresas familiares, com décadas de experiência no setor do calçado, onde as condições de trabalho são dignas e as leis laborais respeitadas. Para nós, não podia ser de outra forma. Não queremos produções de baixo custo onde as pessoas e as condições em que trabalham não importam. O preço não é tudo.” afirma Daniel Gonçalves, cofundador da WAYZ.
Feitos para durar, intemporais, confortáveis, versáteis e unissexo, os WAYZ são sapatilhas humanistas porque se preocupam com as pessoas e planeta.

SUL Bags – https://www.sul-bags.com/
“We love warm breezes” is the motto adopted by Sul, a new brand making bags and purses with acacia tanned leather. “Each SUL article is carefully handcrafted as a single piece until it becomes what we have dreamt it to be. Created in very small-scale editions, SUL pieces are made only with leathers that inspire us. If we come across an exquisite leather that fulfils our design standards,
we will use it, even if it means making only one item.” The material used – acacia tanned leather – often presents slight imperfections or slight scars. “They are not defects, but characteristics. They are part of the texture and reveal the history of the
animal, giving it character. We like them to stay that way, without polishing or chemical treatments that remove them.”

NUUK – www.nuukjewellery.com
Her educational background is in marketing and publishing, but Joana Carvalho was soon fascinated by and fell in love with the world of fashion. The passion was combined with her desire to have her own company. “I have been surrounded by entrepreneurs since I was very small (all my family had their own businesses), so you could say I was practically born with this desire to have something of my own. Since they were all in the textile industry, it was easy for me to connect with the world of fashion, and since I have always loved rings, I thought a jewellery brand would be the best option!”

This is how Nuuk was born in 2014. Joanna and her mother, Paula, joined forces and together developed the brand’s philosophy, which is to find inspiration in the simplicity of each woman.
The brand uses linear and geometric patterns, in addition to natural and delicate materials that create timeless pieces that reflect a concrete state of modern life and style.
Each piece is original and designed to inspire an urban and modern appearance that is also simple and elegant and suitable for all occasions.
All the pieces are exclusively designed and manufactured in Porto, Portugal, with the focus always on quality and durability.
My main project just now is to focus online. Including sales, social media and development of the site.” Joana Carvalho’s jewellery is now available in the USA, France, Germany and Belgium.