Coats launches industry disrupter Gotex StremX

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Coats is launching Gotex StremX, the first new product of its kind for the telecom cable industry in 20 years. For use as a strength member in fibre optic cables, it is the critical component that preserves the integrity and flexibility of cables in order to protect the wires and fibres they are carrying.

To date, telecom cables have traditionally been produced using glass or para-aramid fibres as the central strength members but the Innovation team at Coats has adapted a specific composition of a material substrate used predominantly in the aerospace and wind energy markets. The new product is a premium quality yarn with a unique coating that enhances both the static and dynamic properties of the strength member. It provides a cost-effective alternative to aramid strength members and exceptional mechanical properties with excellent temperature, UV and corrosion resistance.

Ronan Cox, President, Performance Materials, Coats, said: ‘Our unique combination of innovation and deep market insights has enabled us to develop a new high-performance strength member. Gotex StremX also provides a cost-effective solution for our customers. It is an industry disrupter and the evolution of a yarn that can be adapted for the cable market.’

Coats has developed two variations of Gotex StremX to meet specific needs in telecommunication cable designs. Both are available in a wide range of sizes and also optional water blocking coatings. Gotex StremX HM is a super-strong, heat resistant yarn that improves cable tensile modulus by around 15% and tensile strength by 30% when compared to traditional fibreglass strength members. Gotex StremX UHM is a premium product that can achieve even higher tensile strength and modulus of up to 35% in comparison to standard fibreglass strength members. These features make Gotex StremX one of the most disruptive products of its kind on the market today.

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