BCF S8 Tricolor meets the need for the trend towards multiple colours

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The BCF S8 sets new standards for color separation

Oerlikon Neumag has found the right approach for its customers with the efficient BCF S8 carpet yarn system in Monocolor and Tricolor versions. Their solution is once again in the spotlight at this year’s DOMOTEX Asia / CHINAFLOOR from March 24 – 26, 2021 in Shanghai. Their audience of professionals can see the advantages for themselves at Oerlikon Neumag exhibition stand W3 D26.

Whether Monocolor or Tricolor, the performance data and technical details of the BCF S8 versions have already made a huge impression at numerous exhibitions and roadshows: With up to 700 filaments per thread, the BCF S8 significantly outperforms its sister, the BCF S+ (400 filaments), also guaranteeing finer titers of up to 2.5 dpf. In addition to that, the processing speed of the new Witras III-37 winder is higher than ever at 3,700 m/min – and provides increased throughput of up to 15 percent in comparison to previous technologies. The bottom line is a system efficiency of 99 percent, as well as possible energy savings of up to 5 percent per kilogram of yarn.

The BCF S8 Tricolor version is all you need
From a mélange to strict separation – the trend towards multiple colors for carpets goes on. The options for differentiating products for carpet yarn manufacturers are better than ever with the BCF S8 due to even more flexible color mixture versions. More than 200,000 different color shades derived from three colors are provided by the core component of the process, the new patent-pending CPC-T (Colour Pop Compacting unit).


Source: www.oerlikon.com