Ventile® Partners Win Gold at European Awards

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Design partners of performance fabric manufacturer Ventile® have won two gold awards, in two European award ceremonies, in the space of two weeks.

Ventile® partner, Sasta, a Finnish outdoor brand, and technical clothing brand Ternua, both celebrate award wins at two different European award ceremonies this month after selecting Ventile as their fabric of choice for the upcoming 2021 collections.

Citing an increased necessity for sustainably sourced, natural fabric, the brands selected Ventile L24 Organic and L19 Organic, to create these award-winning outerwear garments. For Sasta, the Peski Women’s jacket was selected as the overall winner of the ‘Apparel’ category at the exclusive Scandinavian Outdoor Awards, while the Ternua Miquelon Jacket has been announced as the Gold winner of the ‘Urban Life’ category at this month’s ISPO awards. ISPO brings together the most outstanding products within the sporting goods industry and award products that demonstrate innovation, passion, and creativity.

Of the win, Juha Latvala, Managing Director of Sasta said: “At Sasta we are guided by the philosophy of respecting nature and we have always understood the benefits and function of natural materials.  We have worked with Ventile® since the early 1990s and continue to do so because it represents the marrying up of a technical performance fabric, with sustainable sourcing. To win a Scandinavian Outdoor Award with a Ventile® jacket means the world to us as it doesn’t just give us further recognition as a premium outdoor brand, it also gives credibility to the great technical products we make using natural sustainable materials.”

Edu Uribesalgo, Innovation and Sustainability Director at Ternua said: “To win an ISPO award for the Miquelon Jacket is like winning at the Oscars.  Innovation at Ternua has always been developed under the parameters of sustainability. For each garment, we combine a high level of design innovation with sustainable practices, which is why we chose Ventile® to be part of our collection.”

Ventile® Marketing Manager, Daniel Odermatt praised the brands: “To find out that not one, but two brands have used Ventile® in their award-winning designs is very exciting for us. The items show Ventile® in all its glory. We look forward to continuing our fabric partnerships with Sasta and Ternua in the future, and we wish both brands the greatest success with the upcoming collections.”

Ventile® fabric was developed in England in 1943 and is the world’s most effective, breathable, all-weather natural fabric. Its Eco Organic Fabrics are made from sustainably grown organic certified cotton that has not been exposed to pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Ventile Organic is woven from premium extra-long-staple cotton that represents only 0.04% of the world’s cotton crop. Alongside this, the Eco range also offers designer fabrics which are a blend of organic cotton with hemp and linen fibers.


About Ventile®

Developed in England in 1943, Ventile® was originally designed to save the lives of pilots flying over the Atlantic in Wartime England. In the cockpit, Ventile® proved cool and comfortable, whilst in the water, the fabric proved warm and impenetrable – extending survival times tenfold. Ventile® suits are still worn by pilots of various air forces. Ventile® fabric has looked out from the Summit of Everest, Annapura, and just about every other major peak in the world and has been used for years by adventurers alike. Most famously, Sir Ranulph Fiennes crossed the Antarctic clothed in Ventile®.


About Sasta

The story of Sasta is also a story about ingenuity and perseverance. What we call innovation today, was simply the need of a young man in Nurmes, Finland to have the best outfit for his hunting trips in the wilderness of Northern Karelia. Satsa is guided by the old Finnish philosophy of respecting nature. It directs the brand’s sustainable thinking in design and production, while it also underlines the old wisdom of Finnish outdoorsmen – equipping yourself properly when heading out into the wilderness.

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TERNUA  was inspired by the adventurous spirit of the Basque whalers. Intrepid and courageous people who were respectful of other cultures. TERNUA  designs and produces outdoor technical clothing. The brand will donate part of the sales of the MIQUELON jacket to protecting whales through the WDC -Whales and Dolphins Conservation- association. Ternua designs and produces its products according to sustainability parameters. It recycles and uses materials such as rugs, fishing nets, plastic bottles, plastic collected from the sea, feathers, coffee grounds, wool and wool from latxa sheep (native to the Basque Country), disused clothes, and nutshells in its garments. It also uses bi-degradable antibacterial treatments. Ternua is a pioneer in using Neokdun recycled down in all its own products and in applying a PFC-free water repellent treatment to its recycled down.

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