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As the crisis at U.S. ports continues, the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) responded favorably to a bipartisan request from more than 140 Members of Congress urging the FMC to examine problems within the ocean freight delivery system and to address inefficiencies. Also, LHCA announced the winners of its Real Leather. Stay Different. a student design competition in mainland China. Fifty-four talented designers will be honored at an awards ceremony in July. Plus, LHCA announced additional details about its upcoming spring Board and Committee meetings, along with links to register for each session. More on these and other topics below.

Magazine for Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Technology


Net sales of cured cattle hides reported for the period ending March 18, 2021, were 560,000 pieces and net sales of wet blues were 220,600 pieces. Reported shipments of cured hides were 378,700 and of wet blues were 100,500. China was the largest buyer of both cured hides and wet blues. See more. For historical data, click here. 

U.S. Cattle Slaughter was 646,000 last week, an increase of 3 percent from the previous week. Total cattle slaughter in 2021 is 7,750,000 head, down 3.5 percent from the same period in 2020. See more.

USDA AMS Major Packer Hide Price Report provided prices for six types of U.S. hides at seven price points with a spread of $23 for branded southwest cows to $40.50 for Colorado branded steers.  See more.

The USDA price report is a snapshot of the market. For real-time hide market prices, please consult our friends at Hidenet, The Jacobsen, The Maxfield Report, or The Sauer Report. 


From saddlery to world-renowned handbags, Hermès prides itself on its tradition of refined elegance and its leather designs that sit at the heart of the company’s success. The company that once solely produced harnesses and bridles for the carriage trade has evolved into one of the world’s best-known manufacturers of luxury leather goods. Get the latest news from Real Leather.


The Monthly Livestock Slaughter report is now available. February 2021 cattle slaughter totaled 2.52 million head, down 2 percent from February 2020. Get a summary of the data here.


The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) responded to concerns raised by more than 140 Members of Congress about ocean carrier practices that are hampering U.S. agriculture exports. In a letter sent to the chairmen and ranking members of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Subcommittee, FMC Commissioners emphasized they remain united behind ongoing efforts to examine problems within the ocean freight delivery system and to address inefficiencies. The FMC is currently investigating ocean carrier policies and practices related to detention, demurrage, container return, and container availability for the carriage of U.S. exports, and intends to take action against practices that violate the law. Read FMC’s response to Congress here.

Real Leather. Stay Different. A design competition for a more sustainable future – Yahoo Finance 


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