Reinaldo Teixeira is the new CTCP’s president

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Reinaldo Teixeira has been named president of the Portuguese Footwear Technological Centre (CTCP). A native of Felgueiras, Reinaldo Teixeira founded the Carité Group, which currently employs more than 550 people.

Founded in 1986 by APICCAPS, IAPMEI, and INETI from the Economy Ministry’s Quality Control Laboratory, which was established in 1981, CTCP is an important part of the infrastructure offering technical support to companies in the Portuguese footwear industry. In addition to promoting the technical and technological training of those working in the industry and the improvement of industrial products and processes, CTCP also encourages innovation in the sector, acting as an interface between companies, universities, and scientific and technological bodies.

For Reinaldo Teixeira, “the CTCP has played a decisive role in the development of the Portuguese footwear segment”.

“The Portuguese footwear industry knows how to reinvent itself and transform a traditional industry into a modern and technologically evolved sector”, he added, “but now it is important to consolidate the work of recent decades”. “Portugal meets all the conditions to be a major international benchmark, especially in respect of innovation, the development of new products, and sustainability”, he added.

Reinaldo Teixeira replaces Domingos Neto in the role. A highly-regarded businessman, the President of the Republic honored him with a Commendation of the Industrial Order (Comenda de Ordem Industrial).