PERFORMANCE FORUM: Success Story of 2020

2020 was a year like no other like we never expected it to be. Each of us certainly has our own unique story to tell. Last year presented us with new challenges, and unexpected successes have resulted from them. In this material story, we would like to present the digitalized fabrics with the most clicks, i.e. the most successful materials in 2020 from the PERFORMANCE FORUM.

Without this type of digital communication, we would not have been able to present the fantastic range of sustainable new developments from our exhibitors to you. Digitization has been a major theme of the past year. It has enabled us to stay in touch and move forward, and undoubtedly provided many useful tools. Though, we have also seen that – especially under the constraints of the pandemic – our desire for physical experiences is growing.

Taking care of our bodies, protecting our health, or keeping fit by venturing outside and actively exercising, as well as doing workouts at home, has taken on a new meaning – after all, 2020 highlights the physicality of human life, which cannot be replaced digitally. Our clothing reflects this desire. We wish to wear clothes that are functional and connect with our physicality.

Review the best choices from the material stories “hemp & paper yarn”, “the new shirt”, “innovative food-waste materials”, “sustainable dyeing technologies”, “beauty and wellbeing within materials” and “create the perfect leggings”, as well as two fabrics from the December PERFORMANCE FORUM:

1. Row:

Natural Fibres: Cotton, Hemp, Merino Wool

2. Row:

Recycled Oyster ShellTM, SeaWoll®

3. Row:

ECONYL®, recycled Polyester, recycled Coolmax® Polyester

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Next week, our Jury Meeting takes place for the selection of the new materials for summer 2023! So, from the upcoming material story, you will see the latest developments you have never seen before! We can’t wait for ourselves to look through all of the submitted products which arrived in our office within the last weeks…. we keep you updated!