NFW Collaborates with Richemont to Advance Innovation and Sustainability Initiatives in Luxury Goods

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Collaboration to focus on plant-based material science innovations to support Richemont’s environmental and business objectives

Natural Fiber Welding, Inc. (NFW),  announced a collaboration with Richemont to further Richemont’s commitment to incorporate innovative and natural materials in their products.

NFW develops technologies based on the sustainable use of plants and natural fibers to create durable soft goods and textiles that are as high-performance as they are beautiful. By collaborating with Richemont, NFW will contribute their technologies to a leading luxury group, whose Maisons are renowned for their excellence in craftsmanship and creativity. Together, the two companies will continue to advance material science and sustainability.

At NFW, we have worked for years to build material science platforms that can speak the language of the fashion industry, platforms which are tools for creative expression but come without compromising the environment,” said Luke Haverhals, CEO and founder of Natural Fiber Welding. “Our collaboration with Richemont is a testament to the power of plant-based, plastic-free material innovation. It is a real privilege to bring NFW’s scientific and engineering rigor to this partnership to ensure Richemont’s Maisons are successful at making exceptional creations using new natural materials.”

Through their collaboration with Richemont, NFW continues to demonstrate the attractiveness of their materials to even the most discerning clients, as well as their dedication to scaling the technology. This new collaboration follows the recent announcement of NFW’s new manufacturing space for their high-performance plant-based material, MIRUM®. MIRUM made its first commercial debut earlier this year on the new plant-based pouch line by Bellroy.

With its new 110,000 sq. ft. facility, NFW will be able to effectively scale production of MIRUM to accommodate the growing demand from their partners for a plastic-free, plant-based durable soft good that does not compromise in aesthetic beauty, functionality, or environmental performance. In addition to their work with Richemont and Bellroy, NFW has announced strategic partnerships with Ralph Lauren, launched a patch and trim collection through Medike-Landes, and announced that MIRUM will be the basis for sustainable shoe brands Allbirds’ new “Plant Leather.” NFW’s first market-wide SKUs for accessories will be available later this year.