Focus on nonwoven products: the perfect manufacturing process for every application

Also ideal for recycling – Oerlikon Nonwoven’s airlaid technology

At this year’s ANEX-SINCE in Shanghai, China, Oerlikon Nonwoven will be showcasing market- and customer-oriented solutions for hygiene and medical, filtration, and other industrial applications. Between July 22 and 24, 2021, visitors to the trade fair will be presented with the Neumünster-based systems constructor’s impressive and extensive, product and process know-how (Stand 1H20).

Comprehensive spunbond portfolio – always the right solution
Oerlikon Nonwoven meanwhile has a very broad range of spunbond technology products and services. The process for manufacturing geotextiles from polyester or polypropylene has been optimized; it is characterized by the superb production quality achievable and the high production capacities and yields for manufacturing innovative, future-oriented nonwoven products.

For the manufacture of hygiene and medical nonwovens, Oerlikon Nonwoven offers its new QSR (Quality Sized Right) systems. The advantage for nonwovens manufacturers: highly-competitive solutions, which can be combined with innovative features that enable differentiation within the market.

Quality – where it counts: flexibly and efficiently manufacturing meltblown nonwovens
New, unique, and highly sophisticated filter media and numerous other high-end nonwoven applications can be easily, flexibly, and efficiently manufactured thanks to Oerlikon Nonwoven’s optimized meltblown technology. Whether as a stand-alone system with one or several positions, as ‘plug & produce’ installations for already existing systems, or in conjunction with other technologies: the Oerlikon Nonwoven meltblown process already enables the cost-efficient manufacture of meltblown nonwovens with the quality requirements of tomorrow. Evermore producers are choosing the meanwhile extensively tried-and-tested and consistently further-developed Oerlikon Nonwoven meltblown solutions.

Airlaid technology for the nonwovens of tomorrow
Pulp or cellulose fibers as raw material for manufacturing nonwovens are currently virtually unrivaled with regards to sustainability and environmental compatibility. The Oerlikon Nonwoven airlaid process is the ideal solution for processing this raw material into high-end products for a wide range of applications. Today, there is a huge demand for manufacturing solutions for high-quality, lightweight airlaid nonwovens with economically attractive production speeds and system throughputs. In this area, the patented Oerlikon Nonwoven formation process – which also permits the homogeneous mixing of the most diverse raw materials, while simultaneously guaranteeing superb evenness and homogeneous fiber laying – is setting standards even for nonwovens with low running meter weights. And the benefits of this technology are also increasingly gaining significance in sustainable recycling applications.

P&G-patented PHANTOM technology
Also being showcased at the trade fair stand is Oerlikon Nonwoven’s P&G-patented PHANTOM technology for hygiene products and wipes. Oerlikon Nonwoven has a sole worldwide licensee for this technology. The PHANTOM technology is the superior alternative technology for manufacturing wet wipes from pulp and polymer fibers, for example. Compared to conventional, known processes, this technology offers ecological, performance, and cost advantages, with consumer tests conducted across the globe confirming the material’s superiority. And – as a result of dispensing with hydroentanglement with subsequent drying – the manufacturing process itself helps make this material more sustainable overall. Targeted process management allows the optimal setting of the relevant product parameters such as softness, tenacity, dirt absorption, and liquid absorption.


Source: www.oerlikon.com

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