The Operational & Business Benefits of Verified, Visible Supply Chains

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Over the past year and a half, Covid-19 has thrown numerous curveballs at fashion supply chains.

Most recently, companies have had to contend with logistical upheaval tied to a lack of labor, closed ports, and a short supply of containers and equipment. As shipping times and costs rise, companies are also facing longer lead times and lowered inventory. At the same time, materials like recycled polyester and cotton are becoming more expensive and difficult to procure.

To navigate a situation that changes on a seemingly daily basis, companies need to better know their supply chain, including details about vendors, factories and input origins. Physical raw material-level traceability can help provide this visibility, enabling companies to follow and verify inputs as they move through each production phase. For instance, Applied DNA Sciences’ molecular tags are placed on raw materials and can then be scientifically tested to prove that a specific garment or shoe has been made with the claimed input.

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