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 Mey GmbH & Co. KG, the global manufacturer of underwear, nightwear, and lingerie based in Germany, is launching the world’s first nightwear worldwide with CELLIANT® viscose, which converts body heat into energy. CELLIANT viscose is a unique combination of nature and performance. It was developed by materials science leader Hologenix®, creators of CELLIANT, a responsive textile using infrared technology, and Kelheim Fibres, the leading manufacturer of viscose specialty fibers.

The collection consists of five designs in two colors, Natural and Deep Taupe, and is called “mey Zzzleepwear – THE NEW SLEEP-LIFE BALANCE.” It is the world’s first nightwear that converts body heat to energy with CELLIANT viscose. CELLIANT converts the heat emitted by the body into full-spectrum infrared energy and reflects it back to the skin. This supports local circulation and helps improve cellular oxygenation.

CELLIANT viscose features natural, ethically sourced minerals embedded into plant-based fibers and is biodegradable. CELLIANT viscose provides all the benefits of being a viscose fiber — lightweight, soft, highly breathable, excellent moisture management — as well as the fiber enhancements from CELLIANT infrared technology. In addition, CELLIANT is durable and will not wash out, lasting the useful life of the product it powers. 

Sustainability isn’t just a trend for us, it is part of our tradition,” said Matthias Mey, Managing Partner of mey. “The first-ever nightwear with CELLIANT viscose is a testament to our continued commitment to sustainability. Sleep is the most rejuvenating time of the day and with the added infrared properties of CELLIANT technology combined with the soft, lightweight viscose fiber, our product should make it even more restful and restorative.” 

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A True Partnership

The bridge between the unique CELLIANT technology and the renowned manufacturer mey was formed by the Bavarian viscose specialty fiber manufacturer Kelheim Fibres. Kelheim Fibres’s
flexible production technology allows targeted interventions in the viscose fiber process; CELLIANT minerals can thus be introduced directly into the spinning mass and lead to a permanent and durable functionalization of the fiber. The skin-friendly surface structure of viscose and its other advantages, such as its softness or excellent moisture management, are retained. CELLIANT viscose is the world’s first in-fiber sustainable infrared viscose. 

Dr. Marina Crnoja-Cosic, Director New Business at Kelheim Fibres, said, “We congratulate mey on the launch of the new sleepwear collection. Accelerating the commercialization from the fiber development to the end product as possible through the close interaction of all participants in the value chain. We are pleased that mey offers the consumer garments with innovative and future-oriented technology combined with proven quality for increased well-being and better sleep.”

“The development of this first-ever CELLIANT viscose nightwear is indicative of the true partnership between us, Kelheim and mey, bringing together fiber innovation from two companies into a commercially available fabric and product from mey, the esteemed bodywear manufacturer,” concluded Seth Casden, Hologenix co-founder and CEO. “We hope to positively impact the lives of those using our products.”


About Hologenix

Hologenix, headquartered in Pacific Palisades, California, is a materials science innovation company producing products that energize all aspects of life. Its flagship product, CELLIANT, is an infrared responsive textile that provides myriad wellness benefits and is an ingredient in world-class brands across multiple industries. It is rigorously tested by a Science Advisory Board composed of experts in the fields of photobiology, nanotechnology, sleep medicine, diabetes, and wound care. The Science Advisory Board has overseen nine peer-reviewed published studies that demonstrate CELLIANT’s effectiveness and the benefits of infrared energy. 

CELLIANT is made from non-conflict, ethically sourced minerals. CELLIANT’s proprietary formula is manufactured in the USA.

Nature-based CELLIANT viscose passed the OECD test for biodegradability, is registered on the USDA Biobased list, and is certified by FSC® or PEFC™, which guarantees the origin in sustainably managed farms. In addition, Kelheim Fibres was awarded a dark green shirt in Canopy’s 2021 Hot Button Ranking. This indicates a leadership role in raw material sourcing. The production of CELLIANT viscose takes place exclusively at the Kelheim facilities in Germany, complying with the country’s strict environmental laws and guaranteeing an overall eco-friendly product.


About mey

mey is one of the leading European brands of high-quality bodywear for women and men. Every product is designed, manufactured, and marketed with creativity, passion, and an eye for detail. For mey, innovation not only means creating something new but also continuously improving the company, its products, and processes. Established in 1928, the German family enterprise attaches great importance to both modern design and premium quality. Over 50% of mey’s entire value creation takes place in Germany, allowing the consistent implementation of high-quality standards. mey products give women and men the reassuring feeling of having made the right choice. Because nothing is closer to your skin than your bodywear. For more information, visit