Why choose customized end-of-line solutions for soft paper, tissue and nonwoven

Every company operating in the paper, tissue, or nonwoven industry has specific needs that can hardly be completely satisfied with standard solutions. This is why we believe that it is essential to use a consultative approach with our customers, thoroughly examining the characteristics and objectives of the individual company to provide customized solutions based on the desired results.

All this is under the banner of our motto, “one source, one responsibility“, which is the possibility of turning to a single supplier for the management of the product in the entire end-of-line, from master roll winding to the loading of the finished reels on vehicles headed to your customers’ factories.

Specifically, in this article, we will discover the customization possibilities offered by A.Celli to ensure the correct management of soft and bulky paper, tissue, and nonwoven materials.

Customized solutions for soft nonwovens

As for the nonwoven industry, A.Celli is able to optimize the design and construction of the machines to meet any production need.

To achieve this result we do not offer standard machinery, but we start from the product samples sent by the customer, carrying out shear tests, tensile tests, and much more, to evaluate together the most suitable solutions for the specific case capable and guarantee an optimal final result.

First of all, for the customization of any end-of-line section, it is necessary to consider the needs and assets available to the converter that will transform the reel (or bale, as we will see shortly) of material into the finished product ready for the purchase.

Take, for example, the case of a particularly soft, sensitive, and bulky nonwoven. According to the specific production needs (such as the slitting width and the machines available) and the characteristics of the single material, A.Celli is able to offer you three different solutions:

  • traditional rewinder, present in our E-WIND® range, equipped with specific features and modifications
  • spooling line, particularly suitable for obtaining particularly narrow width reels
  • festooning line, to obtain bales formed by overlapped strips of material

All this with the aim of ensuring a product of the highest possible quality for your customers. In particular, in the processing of soft nonwoven, the density of the finished reels is of fundamental importance: this is a parameter that allows maintaining the original characteristics of the product, together with accurate control of all the winding parameters (tension, nip, and torque) to avoid bulk loss caused by an excessive tension value.

In addition to a specific winding and rewinding process, it is absolutely necessary to implement a packaging and handling process that, like the upstream solutions, is able to preserve the quality of the reels, a requirement fully satisfied by A.Celli thanks to specific measures adopted in the R-WAY® range of automated packaging lines and AGVs.

Customized solutions for bulky tissue and paper

Despite the obvious differences in terms of products to be processed and the needs of the players involved, A.Celli adopts the same approach focused on the customization of solutions also in the paper and tissue paper sectors.

In addition to the offer of complete iDEAL® turnkey lines dedicated to the production of tissue paper, end-of-line solutions are offered from the E-WIND® range capable of managing a wide range of widths, diameters, and basis weights to meet the needs of both large producers and converters as well as smaller companies, with particular attention to maintaining the creping and density of the tissue paper obtained in the upstream process.

Finally, as in the case of the management of soft nonwoven, the offer includes R-WAY® automated solutions dedicated to packaging and handling.

The use of AGVs for product handling

As we have said, it is not enough to guarantee that the product, be it paper, tissue, or nonwoven is handled correctly during the winding, slitting, and rewinding phases, but it is also necessary that the characteristics obtained are not altered during the packaging and handling phase.

Automated Guided Vehicles, or AGVs, can seamlessly perform repetitive, exhausting, and dangerous tasks faster, more efficiently, and for longer periods than manual operations, while trained personnel can focus on higher value-added tasks. This is a particularly felt need in the nonwoven, paper, and tissue sectors, where it is necessary to move, load, and unload heavy reels and raw materials both within the warehouse and between the various production lines.

To ensure the correct management of soft materials, for example, the R-WAY® clamp AGVs are equipped with a system of sensors for regulating the pressure during the handling of bales and reels, thus preserving their softness from the production line to shipment.


Source:  www.acelli.it

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