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Tecnica ski boot products have powered Olympians, so it should be no surprise that 26 styles of their high-performance ski boots are powered by CELLIANT® technology. These include designs in the Mach1, Mach Sport, and Cochise product lines, which have CELLIANT infrared technology in the boots’ liners.  Both Tecnica, a leader in winter sports equipment worldwide, and Hologenix®, creators of CELLIANT, are focused on improving human performance and comfort, so it is natural that they have collaborated in recent years.  

Tecnica’s patented technology C.A.S. (Custom Adaptive Shape) allows Tecnica ski boots to provide the best fit on the market. The shell has an anatomical shape to match the foot and give a better fit while still allowing the ability to fully customize it.

As the liner is powered by CELLIANT, the boot not only has a great fit but the power to capture and convert heat from the foot into infrared energy. CELLIANT’s natural blend of IR-generating bioceramic minerals is embedded into the fabric of the liner and increases local circulation, helping to keep feet at the right temperature and feeling fresh so that people can stay on the slopes longer. 

“We are honored to partner with Tecnica and its best-in-class ski boots,” said Seth Casden, Co-Founder and CEO of Hologenix. “Our infrared technology by its very nature enhances human performance, so its application in ski boots is ideal.”


For stores, visit https://www.blizzard-tecnica.com/us/en/store-locator.


Source: celliant.com

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