India ITME-2022

Greetings and Good wishes from India ITME Society!

With great pleasure I share with you that the 11th edition of India ITME will be held from 8th – 13th December 2022 at India Exposition Mart Ltd, Knowledge Park II, Greater Noida.  India ITME Society has strived to spreadhead innovative technologies for Textiles not only in India but also in the neighboring countries.

This very important business event for the Textile Engineering Industry is being offered with many new features and facilities for the exhibitors to make good the loss of time and person-to-person contact over the last two years.  I invite you to visit our website https://itme2022.india-itme.com/ & explore more information.

There is an optimism in the air for new business opportunities in new segments being promoted by the Government of India such as Hometech, Agrotech, Meditech, Buildtech, Clotech, Geotech, Mobiletech, Oekotech, Protech, Packtech, Sporttech, Indutech & India ITME-2022 is the best platform to explore them.

As an event organizer, the India ITME Society has become a globally trusted name for quality and excellence and has successfully served the industry with commitment.  We hope and strive to provide a spectacular event that shall also coincide with the completion of 43 years of the Society.

It is my pleasure and privilege to invite you to join us at India ITME-2022 to Celebrate the “Soul of Textiles”.

India ITME team remains at your service and is forever available for any further assistance towards your participation as an exhibitor or visitor.

Look forward to welcoming you to India ITME-2022 at Greater Noida.


Thank you & with Regards,

Mr. S. Hari Shankar


India ITME Society


For more info, at: https://itme2021.india-itme.com

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