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Hologenix’s CELLIANT® infrared technology, a key ingredient in textiles across many categories including bedding, is now offered in a new line of sustainable dog beds.  The first performance fabric product from AVANTI, RESPOND is a wellness collection that promotes good health not only for pets but also for the planet. It is made from 100% recycled PET and uses patented CELLIANT technology for unmatched performance. 

CELLIANT transforms the body’s heat into full-spectrum infrared energy. This energy is reflected back to the body, making it possible for the tissue and muscle to absorb it, promoting local circulation and tissue oxygenation.  This proven technology helps keep the body dry and at the appropriate temperature. CELLIANT has been demonstrated to enhance energy, endurance, strength, stamina, and comfort as well as promote faster recovery and more restful sleep. The RESPOND beds’ orthopedic memory foam filler adds an extra layer of comfort and wellness.

Introduced at the world’s largest pet conference, Interzoo in Germany in May, RESPOND dog bedding was the result of determination by AVANTI leaders Raghav and Devika Modi to become champions of pet wellness and performance products while also aligning with the New Delhi, India-based company’s focus on sustainability.  

“People today want the same high-quality in terms of wellness, sleep, and recovery for their pets as for themselves,“ said Raghav Modi, AVANTI’s Managing Director. “CELLIANT was a natural fit for its functional performance benefits and sustainability.  The RESPOND Collection is also design-led and blends aesthetically with household décor and furnishings.” 

Ideal for ailing and senior pets, RESPOND beds are made from GRS-certified 100% recycled polyester CELLIANT yarns and orthopedic memory foam and have natural latex-coated bases for extra skid-resistance. AVANTI pet bed covers are removable and washable. 

RESPOND dog beds are offered in nine SKUs, three different shapes, and three colorways of each shape: grey, blue/grey, and green/grey in shades that are associated with wellness. 

“We are excited to further our offerings in the pet sector with the RESPOND Collection from AVANTI,” said Seth Casden, Hologenix Co-Founder and CEO. “We very much enjoy our partnership and look forward to future collaborations.” 

Look for the RESPOND Collection from AVANTI coming soon to major pet retailers in the EU and U.S.   

About Hologenix and CELLIANT

Hologenix, LLC, headquartered in Pacific Palisades, California, is a materials science company innovating products that energize all aspects of life. Its flagship product, CELLIANT®, is a science-backed infrared (IR) technology that improves health and wellness by promoting restful sleep and enhancing performance and recovery. CELLIANT’s natural blend of IR-generating minerals is embedded into fibers, yarns, and fabrics, powering bio-responsive textiles. CELLIANT is a key ingredient used by world-class brands in products spanning apparel, sleepwear, bedding, upholstery, uniforms, and medical supplies. 

CELLIANT is rigorously tested by a Science Advisory Board composed of experts in photobiology, nanotechnology, sleep medicine, and diabetes and wound care. The Science Advisory Board has overseen nine peer-reviewed published studies that demonstrate CELLIANT’s effectiveness and the benefits of infrared energy.



AVANTI is a four-decade-old manufacturing business located in Delhi, India. It produces sustainable, high-quality pet products for pet lovers across the globe.  With a primary focus on exports, its products are currently sold in more than 25 countries. 

Led by Raghav and Devika Modi, the couple is deeply driven to build an innovative organization that is in harmony with nature, animal conservation, and human rights. They pride themselves on AVANTI’s ability to meet deadlines, follow stringent quality control processes, use exhaustive testing protocols and help their clients ideate and design inspired new collections.  At the core of AVANTI’s business lies the intrinsic curiosity to explore new pathways as well as a deep-rooted love for innovation and creativity.

This unique mix of passions drives all of AVANTI’s departments to constantly re-invent and improve products through the use of unusual techniques and novel forms and materials, resulting in new solutions for their clients. All of AVANTI’s processes work towards one goal: creating new ideas and products that serve the pet industry while creating a positive environmental impact.   avantipets.com


Source: celliant.com

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