Putting the fashion supply chain at the fingertips of UK buyers, Source Fashion launches at Olympia London from February 12th – 14th February 2023, becoming Europe’s newest responsible sourcing show and the gateway to retail for manufacturers and suppliers from across the world.

Reflecting a new vision for sustainable, ethical, and inspirational material sourcing, Source Fashion will unite accredited and audited manufacturers from key sourcing regions around the world with high-profile retailers, brands, and designers who are looking to responsibly and sustainably source new products.

Offering a global platform across its digital channels and via its live content stage at the show, Source Fashion is looking to hear and learn about the best from the industry and is inviting businesses to share their stories at https://www.sourcefashion.com/call-for-content.

Suzanne Ellingham, Director of Sourcing, at Source Fashion says, “Source Fashion is very much a show for the Industry by the Industry. It’s a platform for newness and creation and showcasing projects that are driving the industry forward. What we are looking for is stories that inspire, new voices, those that represent the future of the industry, and voices that we can all learn from. We want to curate the best content and share our platform with you in February. If you would like to be involved, we are looking for content that fits into three streams including Sustainable processes and doing things the right way, innovation in materials and process, and contributors for our Material Masters series.”

In more detail, the three streams are: Sustainable processes and doing things the right way – Often innovations are simple and leave the person discovering them with a sense of ‘why haven’t we been doing it this way for years.’ Source Fashion is looking to share stories about the best from the industry in terms of sustainable processes, manufacturing improvements, or case studies where supply chains have been transformed – stories that inspire and represent the best from the industry that we can all learn from.

Innovation in materials and process – As we look to the future of fashion there is so much innovation going on regarding the source of where fabrics are coming from. Source Fashion aims to educate not just on-site but through our digital content program.

Retail Masters Series – Source Fashion is looking for people to take part in its new Retail Masters series, with an invitation to the Source Fashion London studios to create an educational video about your innovation, which will be shared across the Source Fashion platforms as a mechanism to not only showcase your innovation but upskill the knowledge of buyers.

For further information on Source Fashion and to share your innovations please visit:



About Source Fashion

From raw materials, fabrics, trims, and packaging, all the way through to contract manufacturers offering in-house design services, Source Fashion brings the inspiration and tools together in one exciting destination to bring new ranges to life. Each season the show will bring the world’s best manufacturers, fabric producers, and technology providers from around the world to London Olympia. Visitors will know when they walk through the door, that each supplier will be audited and accredited and ready to work with you. With an urgent need for retailers to adopt a diversified, transparent, and ethical supply chain, Source Fashion becomes the gateway to UK retail and sets the new standard for how inspiration, collaboration, and awareness will shape the future of responsible product sourcing.


Source and Images: www.goodresults.co.uk

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