Participation at the International Fair TexStyle-Expo 2022

Under the Patronage of the Minister of Industry, CGCOM EVENT organizes the 5th edition of TexStyle Expo, the International Exhibition of Textile, Clothing, Leather, and Equipment from December 19 to 21, 2022 at the C.I.C of Algiers, Algeria.
    This 5th edition promises to be dense and full of potential, thanks to the increased and expected participation of many countries, including Algeria, Turkey, China, Tunisia, Russia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and others in progress, hence the reservation of more than 60% of the surfaces has already been confirmed. 
     All the subsidiaries and the major professions intended for the development of the textile and leather sector meet at the TexStyle Expo; from raw materials, semi-finished products, machines, equipment, design, processes, and services to ready-to-wear, shoes, leather goods, linens and accessories. B2B meetings will be organized and crowned by an exhaustive cycle of professional conferences, the program of which will be released shortly. 

To exhibit at this event please register at the link below or contact us.
To exhibit: Register link


For contact:

TexStyle-Expo Team
Mob:+213 560 188 626 / +213 560 188 651 / +213 561 60 73 76 
Tel/Fax: +213 41 745 563


Website: www.textyle-expo.com

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